3216 Controlere standard și programabile

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The 3216P1 controller provides programmable temperature control using up to 8 segments. Each segment comprising of a ramp followed by a dwell. Dwells may be set to zero time.

The 3216P5 controller has all of the functionality of the 3216P1 with the additional capability of being able to store up to 5 programs.

The 3216CC controller provides PID control for a single ramp to set point as well as a 99 hour process timer with 3 timer functions.

Caracteristici standard

  • Multiple line numeric and alphamumeric display
  • Navigation via 4 push button controls
  • Simultaneous display of set-point and actual temperatures
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • The controller is a panel mounted device with a clear LED display

Opțiuni (specificați opțiunile în momentul efectuării comenzii)

  • Optional over-temperature protection through addition of a secondary controller
  • Optional communications via RS232 or RS485

Conținutul poate fi supus modificărilor sau corectărilor