SBCF - Cuptoare cu cameră statice sau cu boghiu

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SBCF 11/1700

The robust construction of the SBCF large chamber furnace makes it ideal for applications such as the heat treatment of steels and alloys, ceramics sintering and aerospace heat treatment.

The SBCF chamber furnace is an industrial scale furnace based on a modular design principle which can be adapted to various applications. The furnace chamber is cubic in shape and is available in three sizes.

The furnace has a side hinged door and a fixed hearth. As an option the hearth can fitted to a bogie so it can be pulled out of the furnace on a track system. This hearth design technique also allows the furnace to be easily adapted to a vertical lift arrangement to provide an elevator hearth, in which case the door would become a fixed side of the chamber.

Under hearth heating and free radiating coiled wire elements on four sides. This design provides the option of single and 3-zone temperature control and for applications demanding the best uniformity possible, such as AMS 2750E (this can be combined with an optional air circulation fan).

The construction uses low thermal mass insulation materials to maximise running efficiency whilst using robust refractory materials where physical strength is required such as the loading area of the hearth. Silicon carbide (SiC) tiles are fitted on the hearth to provide a hard wearing surface.

Caracteristici standard

  • 1100 °C maximum operating temperature
  • Single zone models fitted with programmable 3508P1
  • 3-zone models fitted with 1 x programmable 3508P1 and 2 x 3216CC slaves
  • Retransmission of setpoint on 3-zone models
  • protecție la supra-temperatură 
  • Furnace can meet the requirements of AMS2750E
  • Under hearth heating and free radiating coiled wire elements on four sides
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and control
  • Robust construction ensures safe outer case temperature
  • Double skin construction ensures safe outer case temperature
  • creuzet cu dale din carbid siliconic rezistent la uzură

Opțiuni (specificați opțiunile în momentul efectuării comenzii)

  • Temperature interlocked door
  • Bogie hearth
  • Vertical air circulation fan
  • Available with various instrumentation and data acquisition options

Conținutul poate fi supus modificărilor sau corectărilor