Cuptor tubular compartimentat pentru până la 1700°C - HTRV-A 

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The HTRV-A split tube furnaces have a maximum operating temperature of 1700 °C.

The split heating module allows either easy positioning of the work tube or positioning around reactors which have fixed end flanges. The split design may also allow faster cooling of samples. The control thermocouple is fitted in the centre of the heating zone. Cooling channels are engineered into the housing to aid with convection cooling of the outer case.

The two furnace chamber halves consist of high grade insulation plates with vertically hanging MoSi2 heating elements. A safety switch protects the operator by switching off the heating elements once the furnace is opened.

The tube furnace is supplied without a stand, allowing customers to build them into their own equipment. Optional ‘L’ stands are available allowing the furnaces to be self supporting.

Exemple de Aplicaţii:

carbonizare, creştere cristale, călire, degazificare, descompunere, deshidratare, glowing, maleabilizare, metal injection moulding (MIM), pyrolyses, rapid prototyping, recoacere, sintering, sinteză, sublimation

Caracteristici standard

  • 1600 and 1700 °C maximum operating temperatures
  • controlor programabil 3216p1
  • protecție la supra-temperatură 
  • Designed for vertical use
  • Accepts work tubes with outer diameters up to 70 mm for use with modified atmosphere
  • Heated lengths of 120, 250 or 500 mm
  • High grade type B thermocouple
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation
  • Vertically hanging high quality MoSi2 heating elements
  • Rectangular housing with holes for convection cooling
  • Supplied with separate control box and 3 m cable, plug and socket

Opțiuni (specificați opțiunile în momentul efectuării comenzii)

  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications
  • A range of additional work tubes is available in a variety of materials
  • prize de izolație și protecții de radiație sunt recomandate pentru a preveni pierderea de căldură și a îmbunătăți uniformitatea (sunt esențiale pentru funcționare verticală)
  • Modified atmosphere and vacuum packages are available
  • Vacuum packages with a choice of rotary vane pump or turbomolecular pump are available
  • Longer heated lengths
  • 'L' stand for convenient usage
  • Oxygen sensor for inert gas packages

Detalii tehnice

View inside the HTRV-A split tube furnace
  1. Outer case
  2. Ceramic fibre end insulation
  3. Ceramic fibre case insulation
  4. Heating elements
  5. Ceramic fibre inner insulation

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